11th January 2021

It’s our 2nd Birthday!!

So today marks the second birthday of Roots and Wings Clinical Psychology, Ltd. And what a journey it has been! Having received over 300 referrals since opening in January 2019, it has been an absolute pleasure and honour to support so many children, young people and their families towards achieving better mental health. I learn so much from each young person that I work alongside, and am always quietly humbled by their bravery and resilience – often a long time before they even recognise this for themselves. My role in helping children and families at such an early stage in their lives might not always be easy, but it is always an absolute privilege.

In other news, Roots and Wings also officially starts operating from its very own clinic this week! We are delighted to have moved to a lovely little building on the site of an old village dairy near Lewes. Our 2nd birthday cake depicts our new clinic colour scheme – rainbow, as a beautiful symbol of hope and aspiration following a stormier time.

14th December 2020

Our New Home!!

We are delighted to announce that Roots and Wings Clinical Psychology now has it’s very own home! We moved into our new clinic in the beautiful village of Glynde, near Lewes this week and look forward to welcoming families to it in the New Year.

23rd October 2020

The Best Bits…!

When former clients get in touch with you out of the blue to give you little updates about how well they are doing… it means the world to me, and has happened twice this week!

6th September 2020

Inside Out!

Loving these little clips from Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ this week… playfully helping little ones (and adults!) understand their internal world a little better. Here’s a great one on disgust and anger! “Disgust & Anger” Clip – Inside Out – YouTube

2nd September 2020

Therapy up high!

So today I had the unusual, yet marvelous experience of conducting EMDR therapy from mid-way up (probably) the best climbing tree in Sussex!

28th July 2020

The Importance of Roots and Wings

This beautiful greeting card was recently gifted to me by one of my closest friends. I absolutely love it and plan to frame it! ❤️ The name of my service (Roots and Wings) is a reflection of my belief that at their core, children need to feel safe, unconditionally loved and emotionally secure in their attachment relationships (their ‘roots’). If this can be successfully achieved, I find that children become ‘freed up’ to explore the world in healthy ways, to learn about themselves and others and to achieve their full potential (their ‘wings’). Please visit my RAW Values page to read about how these values further inspired the development of my service logo.

23rd July 2020

The Post High-Stress Slump

Just a simple little graphic for you this week, as I’m on leave… but this felt apt! Sometimes it is in the aftermath of a stressful event or period of our lives that we can feel the most depleted. This has been a particularly challenging few months for many families. Be kind to yourselves ❤️

14th July 2020

Surfing the Wave: Helping Children Calm – Dr Laura Tinkl

(A recent article I wrote for Brighton and Hove Psychotherapy)

8th July 2020

More Tools for the Toolkit…!

More inspiring training with the amazing Dr Sandi Richman this week… this time via Zoom! I’m really looking forward to putting these new skills into practice to support children and families.

1st July 2020

Finding Safe Spaces Outside…

Like with anything, where online sessions can work brilliantly for some children, they are not right for all. At a time when indoor sessions are difficult, therefore, I was delighted to be invited to join a young person at their outdoor ‘safe place’ today, where we were able to talk and walk whilst exploring the nearby woods and paddocks 🙂

9th June 2020

Support For All…

Delighted to say that Roots and Wings Clinical Psychology Ltd. are now in a position to offer some pro bono professional support to low-income families. Free support will be offered to one family on our caseload at any given time and a short waiting list is in operation. Please contact us for more information.

1st June 2020

“Lucky” our new Therapy Chick!

Whilst perhaps not your most obvious therapy-assist pet, here at Roots and Wings, we are delighted to introduce “Lucky”, our therapy chick! Families in our clinic have loved receiving little updates on Lucky’s progress during lockdown. She has also offered us the most gentle introductory footage for thinking about attachment theory and early brain development. We look forward to sharing this with you in due course!

6th May 2020

Tips for talking to young children about their behaviour – Dr Laura Tinkl

(A recent blog I wrote for Brighton and Hove Psychotherapy)

24th March 2020

Helping ourselves to feel in control at times when we are not in control…

In these changing and uncertain times, it’s understandable that we as parents are also struggling to contain our own anxieties. Please find above a helpful video from Dr Russ Harris (Clinical Psychologist and author of The Happiness Trap). It is based on principles from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I hope you find it useful, but please feel free to contact me if you would like any of the principles explained in more detail.

13th March 2020

Explaining COVID-19 to young children…

At uncertain times like this, there’s a risk that we can inadvertently raise children’s anxiety levels to greater degrees than we intend to or than they can manage. Here’s a nice, child-friendly, explanation of what coronavirus is to support discussions with young children……

3rd February 2020

Stress and Different Parenting Styles – Dr Laura Tinkl

(A recent blog I wrote for Brighton and Hove Psychotherapy)

31st January 2020

Happy Birthday to Roots and Wings Clinical Psychology!!

Well, we almost missed it, but Roots and Wings Clinical Psychology turned one this month! And what an amazing adventure it has been! Having received over 150 referrals this year, we’ve had the privilege to work alongside a huge number of inspirational children, families and professionals, and we have loved learning from them all. Thank you to everyone who everyone who has been part of this journey. This is for you…! ? ⭐️

30th January 2020

Living with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia…

I couldn’t not share this inspirational vlog from my former colleague Dr Dr (yep, that’s two doctorates!) Esther Khiel. A Consultant Clinical Psychologist, sharing her day-to-day experiences of living with, and embracing, dyslexia and dyscalculia……

26th January 2020

Spring has Sprung!

Everywhere I look at the moment I see little signs of new life, new growth and new potential. You have to look hard for it sometimes, but for me, Spring is such a great metaphor for a sense of hope and optimism following a harsher, darker time.

24th January 2020

Exciting new tools for the therapeutic toolbox…

After three days EMDR tuition at the University of Leicester with the amazing Sandi Richman, I’m now feeling very excited about getting to practice all the new tools in my therapeutic toolbox!

22nd January 2020

Flags of ADHD

A helpful crib sheet for parents and teachers alike, in recognizing hidden indicators that a child may be struggling with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

6th January 2020

Psychology Through the Ages

It was fascinating to see one of the earliest kits used by psychologists in the 1930s to measure children’s intelligence at The Science Museum in London today. How far we have come (not an iPad in sight!), and yet some of this kit is strangely familiar to what we still use today!

2nd January 2020

Therapy ‘On The Run!’

Getting ready for a ‘running’ therapy session tomorrow… because sometimes even older teens need us to hold their hands as they make their first brave steps towards positive change.

7th October 2019

“Ghosts in the Nursery” – Dr Laura Tinkl

(A recent blog I wrote for Brighton and Hove Psychotherapy)

1st October 2019

Safe Companions…

Often children like someone safe to accompany them to therapy – but that safe someone doesn’t always need to be a person!

25th September 2019

Tea for Two…

Helping an older teen find their safe space in therapy

24th September 2019

BUPA Recognition

Delighted to add BUPA to the list of private health insurers that we hold professional recognition with

21st September 2019

Back to Nature

The beautiful Grange Gardens of Lewes that neighbour our clinic. The perfect spot to visit with children who struggle to sit in a room, who prefer to walk and talk, or who just need some sensory grounding to feel ok.

11th September 2019

Expanding the Clinic Library…

Delighted to be expanding the clinic’s library of validated testing materials – in this case, an assessment of the strength of a child’s attachment relationships, which can be used as evidence in the family courts

8th September 2019

New Testing Equipment…

An exciting upgrade to the clinic’s testing materials for administering assessments of children’s cognitive and executive functioning skills.

6th September 2019

Shark Music

A nice little video that helps to illustrate how a parent’s ability to respond to their children’s emotional needs, is largely influenced by their own experiences of being parented.

5th September 2019

A Lovely Tweet!

A lovely endorsement for Roots and Wings CP from the staff at Roedean School in Brighton ( …now just wishing I knew how to operate Twitter to be able to thank them! ?

30th July 2019

Wise Words…

Children are not slates from which the past can be rubbed by a duster or sponge, but human beings who carry their previous experiences with them and whose behaviour in the present is profoundly affected by what has gone before” (Bowlby, 1951)

23rd July 2019

When Praise Becomes Harmful to Children… – Dr Laura Tinkl

(A recent blog I wrote for Brighton and Hove Psychotherapy)

22nd July 2019

Our Cosy Therapy Room…

The lovely room where we meet our families – complete with cosy wood burner (photograph courtesy of Brighton and Hove Psychotherapy). This room is as cool in the summer as it is warm in the winter, just perfect!

6th June 2019

Healthy Parent-Child Interaction

(Unapologetically looking for an excuse to post this adorable clip…!) Check out this lovely moment of a healthy infant interacting with their parent. Notice the mirrored body language, the mutual gaze, the interactive ‘dance’, the appropriate social overtures, etc. Just beautiful ? (Courtesy of Shanieke Pryor)…

3rd June 2019

Parental Blocked Care – Dr Laura Tinkl

(A recent blog I wrote for Brighton and Hove Psychotherapy)

31st May 2019

The Importance of Attunement for Babies and Young Children – Dr Laura Tinkl

(A recent blog I wrote for Brighton and Hove Psychotherapy)

20th May 2019

The Power of Superheroes

Children who are unable to talk about their worries, might be able to describe, draw or make a superhero, who has all the powers that they feel they would need in order to cope with their worries.

By paying special attention to the features and abilities that their unique superhero has, you may be able to better guess at, or even open a light discussion about their underlying fears, e.g…

MASKS: Is the child worried about other people noticing that they are scared? Are they worried about what other people are thinking about them? Are they worried about being seen or noticed by a particular person?

SHIELD: What would the child protect themselves from?

WEAPON: What would the child envisage needing to attack?

SUIT COLOUR: Does it stand out or blend in? How would the child feel about standing out more in real life?

ABILITY TO BECOME INVISIBLE / CLIMB WALLS / FLY, ETC.: Does the child ever feel trapped in situations (e.g. class) that they feel they can’t escape?

This approach can be helpful, because children who are ‘freed up’ in fantasy or play, are generally in a less frightened and defensive state than children who are asked to talk directly about worries that they might not even fully understand themselves.

14th May 2019

Why Traditional Behavioural Strategies Don’t Work for All Children Dr Laura Tinkl

(A recent blog I wrote for Brighton and Hove Psychotherapy – Image courtesy of ‘Biological Psychology’ (Rosenzweig, Breedlove and Leiman, 2002)

3rd May 2019

WPA Recognition

Delighted to add WPA to the growing list of private health insurers who we hold professional recognition with.

29th April 2019

Rupture and Repair in Secure Attachments

One of the most important features of a secure parent-child attachment, is the ability of a parent to repair their relationship with their child whenever there is a rupture in it.

Ruptures are normal and common to all interpersonal relationships, and can be caused by many factors (e.g. separation, conflict, misunderstanding, etc.). Regardless of the source of the rupture however, what is common to parents of securely attached children, is that they always initiate its repair. This repeated act over many years sends their children the crucial message that whatever has happened, and whatever they have done, it is NOT more important to their parent than they are.

17th April 2019

Developing Emotional Regulation

To develop the skill to eat with a knife and fork, we first need to learn how to grab things and put them in our mouths.

To develop the skill of emotional regulation, we first need to know that there is an adult attachment figure in our life who is reliably available to us, who can contain our messy feelings, and who is interested in our internal world. This is because the experience of being regulated by someone else is an essential building block to self-regulation.

15th April 2019

Helping Children to Speak When They Can’t Find The Words…

April 12th 2019

‘A Parakeet Thinking…’

Delighted with this beautiful, hand-signed print “A Parakeet Thinking”, by children’s artist Quentin Blake for our therapy room!

31st March 2019

Introducing Rex!

Delighted to introduce ‘Rex’ to our team – a 3D anatomy model, who specialises in helping children to better understand how their brain works ?

29th March 2019

Feeling Safe Enough to Get Messy…

Getting ready for a messy day in clinic tomorrow… because sometimes children need to feel safe exploring and talking about messy stuff outside of them, before they can dare to explore or talk about the messy, scary stuff inside of them.

28th March 2019

The clinic crayons have arrived!

23rd March 2019

Stress and Dysregulation in Babies and Young Children

Did you know that the opposite to stress in a child’s brain is not to feel happy, but to feel soothed, calm and relaxed? This can help us to understand why very young children (and older children with emotional regulation difficulties) can quickly become dysregulated – “melt down” or “kick off” – by the arousal of happy, over-stimulating and exciting experiences, as much as they can by sad and upsetting ones.

22nd March 2019

How Children Build Resilience

Have you ever wondered why very young children believe that they can jump higher, throw further and run faster than they are clearly capable of? This is an important developmental stage in building a child’s later resilience. A child’s unrealistic self-belief (and their incredible ability to ignore signs of failure), gives them the confidence that they need to keep practicing skills that would otherwise be too difficult for them to master. Overtime, reality realigns their expectations… but for some children, their circumstances means this happens too soon.

22nd March 2019

Professional Recognition with Vitality Health

We are delighted to add VitalityHealth to the list of private insurers who we now hold professional healthcare recognition with. ⭐️

8th March 2019

‘Flipping your Lid’ – Dr Dan Siegal

‘Flipping your lid’: An old, but classic clip from Dr Dan Siegel, which helps to explain what happens when a child’s brain becomes overwhelmed

4th March 2019

Children’s Family Drawings…

A child’s drawing of their family can be hugely revealing… who is in the picture? Are they in it? Whereabouts on the page are they? How big are they? How close are the adults? Why did they choose the colours they did? …because children in distress communicate with more than just their words.

28th February 2019

The Joy of Therapy Putty!

Therapy Putty in different colours and strengths – appreciated by parents as much as children!

27th February 2019

Our Beautiful Doll’s House!

Our new, beautiful and HUGE Victorian dolls house – busily being prepped for theraplay, story stem work and creative play!

27th February 2019

Professional Recognition with AVIVA and AXA PPP Healthcare

Delighted to announce that we have just been awarded professional healthcare recognition from private health insurers AXA PPP Healthcare and AVIVA.

15th January 2019

Roots and Wings Clinical Psychology

Roots and Wings offer highly specialist psychological support to children and young people aged 0-18. If you are caring for or working with a child or young person who you feel worried about, we would be happy to help you in finding a way forward.