My fees and pricing structure fall within the typical range for experienced Clinical Psychologists, however, I am happy to consider individual circumstances. I also accept funding through the Adoption Support Fund (ASF) and have professional healthcare recognition with private health insurers AXA PPP Healthcare, AVIVA, BUPA, WPA and Vitality Health. 

Please note that other therapists may charge more or less depending on their skills, level of training and clinical experience. Please also note that some children and young people may be eligible to free mental health services through the NHS and you can seek advice about this from your GP if this is your preference.

Initial or Extended Parent Consultation Session

80-Minutes, £210 or £230 for sessions after 5pm 

This is an opportunity for parents/guardians to meet with me to discuss any concerns that you might have about your child. During this session, I will also gather relevant developmental and background information about your child in order to help inform my thinking and discussion with you about what might be most helpful to your child going forwards. For some parents, a one-off consultation can feel sufficient for what they feel they need. For others, they may wish to consider additional support from either myself or another service, depending on what is discussed. In either case, formal summary reports, outlining the details of our discussions, my clinical formulation and recommendations going forward can be commissioned upon request. Parent consultations can be offered face-to-face in my clinic or online.

Psychological Assessment or Treatment Sessions

50-minutes, £130 or £140 after 5pm

Therapy sessions will be agreed in advance and regularly reviewed with parents. Sessions may be offered face-to-face or online.

Parent Review Sessions

50-minutes, £130 or £140 after 5pm 

Parent review sessions can be arranged on a regular or ad hoc basis, depending on what is felt to be most helpful. Parent reviews may be offered face-to-face or online. 


Cognitive or Executive Functioning Assessments

£1,065 stand-alone package or bespoke fee structure within ongoing work

As a stand-alone intervention, this package includes an initial 80-minute assessment session to gather relevant developmental and background information, a two-hour assessment session with your child, a formal written report and a 50-minute follow-up session to discuss the results.


Therapeutic Needs Assessment

£2500 (circa) stand-alone package, or bespoke fee structure within ongoing work

Relevant to children in care, a therapeutic needs assessment may be commissioned by a child’s Social Worker to assess their current therapeutic needs. As a stand-alone assessment, this package will typically include time for reading historical reports, an 80-minute consultation with the child’s current carer, direct home and school observations, consultation with their teacher/key worker, in addition to a variety of standard assessment protocols (indicated by the child’s age and needs). The package also includes a comprehensive written report with clear recommendations for ongoing therapeutic support. 

School Consultation Service

£130 per hour, pro rata

School consultations are charged at £120ph and can be offered face-to-face or online. Follow up reports/consultation summaries can be commissioned separately. 

Multi-Agency Consultation Service

£210 package

This package includes a 90-minute consultation session, with an optional comprehensive written summary. Multi-agency consultations can be offered face-to-face at a venue of choice, or online. Travel costs not included. 

Group Work / Training / Workshop Packages

£130 per hour, pro rata

A training package can be tailored to bespoke individual or organisational requirements, including allocated time for  preparation and feedback. 

Professional Clinical Supervision

50-minutes, £130 or £140 after 5pm 

Professional supervision is available for clinical psychologists and other mental health professionals on a monthly or ad hoc basis. Supervision is offered in my clinic or online.

Therapy Room Rental

£12 per 50-min regular or £16 per 50-min ad hoc

Our clinic room is currently available for private rental on a regular or ad hoc basis. Please see our sister website www.lewescountrytherapyrooms.com for more details. 

Report and Letter Writing

£130 per hour, pro rata

All reports and letters are charged at an hourly rate for compilation, unless included within a previously agreed package of care. 

Travel Costs

£65 per hour (pro rata) + £0.45 per mile

Travel to off-site venues may incur additional costs. Any travel costs will be discussed and agreed with you in advance.

Other Costs

Please note that professional time spent reading and interpreting reports, liaising with other professionals, telephone calls or emails of more than 15 minutes, are all charged at an hourly rate of £130 per hour pro rata.